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Scholl Party Feet Glamour Pack

Scholl Party Feet Glamour Pack

Scholl Party Feet Glamour Pack Innehåller: 1 Nail Brightening System, 1 Party Feet Ultra Slim. Treat someon...

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Paese Handdesinfektion 70% Alcogel 100ml
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Scholl Party Feet Glamour Pack Innehåller: 1 Nail Brightening System, 1 Party Feet Ultra Slim. Treat someone special to a lovely Party Feet Christmas Gift. The Party Feet Glamour Pack is the number one choice if you have a friend that likes to indulge, or if you just want to spoil yourself! The pack containing the Scholl Nail Brightening System and Party Feet Ultra Slim Invisible Gel Cushions will leave your feet gorgeous and ready to go. Scholl Nail Brightening System instantly reduces any discoloration on the nail and replaces it with a healthy shine. Its quick 3-in-1 system is the perfect start to any at home pedicure. To complete your pamper session slip the Ultra Slim Invisible Gel Cushions to your shoes and you and your friends will be dancing out the door. Nail Brightening System: Keep away from eyes. Harmful if inhaled or ingested. Avoid contact with broken or irritated skin. Do not over file nails. Thick/yellow discoloured toe nails can be caused by a fungal infection, which this product will not treat. If this product does not improve the appearance of your nails within 4 weeks, please seek medical advice. For external use. Flammable. Party Feet Ultra Slim. Discontinue use if you experience adverse reaction, in particular if you suffer from diabetes. Scholl Nail Brightening System: Remove any nail varnish before treatment. Step 1. Gently file the thickened/discoloured part of the nail, moving the file in a circular motion until the majority of the discolouration is removed. Further treatment should require less filing. Step 2. Turn clockwise to open. Apply nail gel using sponged applicator. Allow to dry completely (approx. 2 minutes) before following step 3. Step 3. Apply nail brightener. Allow to dry. Apply second coat of nail brightener or coloured varnish as required. Rise file under cold water to clean and maintain performance. Use one a week to significantly reduce decolouration. The further maintain the condition of the nail, treat as often as needed. Please avoid over filing of the nail. Party Feet Ultra Slim: Peel protective film off cushion. Insert cushion into front of shoe sticky side down with the pointed end facing the heel.
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