Kleral Permanent Vätska The Wave PERM (1000ml)

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Permanent Vätska.   1. För Normal hår / For normal hair 2. För känsligt hår / Fo...

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Permanent Vätska.   1. För Normal hår / For normal hair 2. För känsligt hår / For sensitized hair 3. För mycket känsligt hår / For very sensitive hair     1000ml   It is an advanced technology perm which is able to associate a conditioning to thewaving liquid, concurring in this way to create protection and treatment for the hair.Moreover the perfumed essences contained in the conditioning help to eliminateevery trace of bad smell which the wavy liquid exhales.Thanks to the presence, in THE WAVE, of a complex of basic amino acids of thekeratin molecule, which is able to return to the hair fibres the cohesion and theelasticity owned by natural hair, it is possible to obtain results of very vigorous, elasticand long-lasting waves.REASONS: THE WAVE is a highly qualified wave system because in its formulathere is a complex of basic amino acids of the keratin molecule, which grant to hairits natural elasticity. FEATURES:• Wave system with Polyvalent advanced technology:- protective action;- conditioning action.• Amino acids and hydrolyzed Proteins formula.• Available into 3 different formulas:- for natural hair;- for sensitized hair;- for strongly sensitized hair. ACTIVE PRINCIPLES AND EFFECTS:• Thioglycolic ammonium:- reducing action.• Amino acids complex:- elasticizing-remodelling action.• Proteinic hydrolyzed elements:- synergic action with other protection components.• Silicones:- protective emollient action. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USEPrepare THE WAVE wavy liquid suitable for the hair kind to be treated, adding 10/12drops of Essences Selenium to each 80/100 ml of product.Wash the hair with an appropriate shampoo, and then roll them up according to theresult required. Carefully distribute THE WAVE on the rolled hair, without makingit running down the skin. Keep the laying from 10 to 15 minutes, then carefully washout and move to neutralisation by fixing. LAYING TIMENatural hair from 10 to 15 minutes.Sensitized hair from 7 to 12 minutes.Strongly sensitized hair from 4 to 8 minutes.

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